Self Defense-Non Lethal Self Defense Items-Product Reviews

Nonlethal self defense items have been around one and one form or another for generations. Pepper sprays got their start in the 1300’s when the Chinese started throwing bags of hot spices at their enemies. They’ve come along way since then, of course. Stun guns were invented in the early 1900’s when a farmer needed a way to get his cattle moving a little bit more efficiently so he invented a cattle prod. Stun guns have come a long way since then.

The best advice is to travel with any items of value such as laptops, money, jewellery, confidential information and sensitive files where they are hidden from view inside the boot or trunk.

Be visible: Wear bright clothing, particularly if you run in the dark. Never dress in head-to-toe black before dawn or after dusk. White is always a good choice. Look for specialty running outfits that have reflective piping or patches, which will make you more visible to passing cars. Alternatively, you can purchase reflective ankle or wrist straps – or even reflective vests and hats – to add visibility to your body. There are even flashing lights that you can attach to your waist. If you live in a rural area, always wear bright orange during hunting season so you’re not mistaken for an animal.

Put yourself in the mindset of an attacker. What would you look for? Most attackers look for people that are oblivious of their surroundings or are preoccupied with something and don’t notice people or objects around them. Women can be especially easy to target because they are always multitasking and distracted by their focus on the task at hand. Woman need to be aware of their surroundings and think about what they would do in case they are attacked every time they go anywhere.

Its a good thing I had a pepper spray with me because I got off the bike stepped sideways till I found the wall of the tunnel, sounded the alarm so Kelly could come towards me so we couldn’t get ran over.

15.If walking, as you approach, look underneath you car from a distance, and if possible, look around your car. Look into your back seats and luggage area before getting in. Go with your ‘gut’ instincts – if in doubt, don’t open your car door. Walk back and ask for help.

There are several types of personal alarms from an aerosol screecher which can be heard up to one quarter mile away to a small electronic alarm activated by the push of a perfectly located button. Most of these small alarms can be carried in a pocket, held in the hand, or clipped to a belt.

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Self Defense-Non Lethal Self Defense Items-Product Reviews

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