Parenting Lesson Learned – Sometimes We Shouldn’t Interfere

Recently I had the opportunity to catch De La Soul on tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album 3 Feet High and Rising. One of their opening acts was a California native named Kenan [pronounced KEN-AN] Bell.

During the prehistoric times children were sent to Gurukuls, where they stayed with their teacher and returned home only after completing their education. The concept has however changed and Gurukuls have been replaced by hostels. But before you admit your child into a good school it is necessary to give a basic foundation so that he does not face any problem in his studies. The mother needs to play a very important role in molding the initial career of her child. She is required to pay full attention towards him. The best pre-school in Kolkata always focuses on giving the right education and also teaching the basic morals of life. Pre schools can be started anywhere and by anyone provided he has a sufficient area and the required capital. These schools can be defined as teaching with fun.

These brave children laughed and chattered in English, moved from group to group, introduced themselves (I believe Sylvester Stallone was at that party; I’m pretty sure Julia Roberts made an appearance as well) and had a grand old time. (I went around telling everyone I was from another planet; well, I had to say something!) We barely noticed the time flying by; the ringing bell (yes, in Japan they even ring bells in the universities) shocked us back to reality.

So, next time you want your kids to help with clean up, try inviting them instead. This means you’re actually going to be OK (and not give them the silent treatment) if they refuse; it’s not a demand, it’s an INVITATION.

America needs to do something about its schooling problem. The drop out rates are increasingly growing. There is a certain attitude that somehow needs to be changed about school. Children do not appreciate schooling and knowledge. For some reason, the mentality of America’s youth for the most part is that school is not worth it. A lot of other countries are academically advanced from ours. This is an ever growing problem.

My daughter attends Montessori School. The philosophy there is to encourage children to do things for themselves. This includes letting them pour water from a pitcher when they are two and a half. Then when they are three, they set the table for each other during lunch and clean up afterwards. The list of independent tasks the Preschool Near Me teaches is endless.

They had to remember themselves as those people, in those places, doing whatever, and then coming somehow — on foot, by car, by plane, by gigantic winged snapping turtle — to the party. They had to remember coming to the site of the party — up or down some stairs, through a park, up in an elevator — and coming through the door of the room in which the party was being held. I made them sit on the floor with their eyes closed, remembering all these things that were completely fictional. Then I told them to stand up and be at the party.

Laguna Niguel Montessori Education Center offers a challenging events and enriched Montessori curriculum and 2012 – 2013 School Calendar available in site. We are proud of our staff and their dedication to the Montessori philosophy and the field of Early Childhood Education. In addition to their college education, all of our lead teachers at Laguna Niguel Montessori are Certified Montessori Teachers. We are proud to announce that Laguna Niguel Montessori was the first MSAC accredited Montessori school in Southern California.

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Parenting Lesson Learned – Sometimes We Shouldn’t Interfere

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