Nintendo At E3 Porject Cafe Revealed

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While the games listed there were more than I expected going into E3, I must admit that I too worry about what Nintendo will (or won’t) do with the console in the coming months before the launch of the Wii U. I remember when Nintendo, much as Sony does now, would support their hardware well after the launch of a new console or handheld.

Add to all of this the recent question of how Capcom of Japan perceives Mega Man’s popularity outside of their home country, and it’s just difficult to tell what might be happening.

If this is true, and that has yet to be confirmed officially by Square Enix, it could be a very clever marketing move and additional revenue stream. DQX will have some features that work on the 3DS, but not a full working game. At the same time Nintendo has started releasing NES games through the eshop. Could it be Square Enix plans to release a NES version of DQX in the 3DS magento eshop?

Good news, everyone! Nintendo of America has been issued the trademark for The Last Story, which they filed for at the beginning of last year. Could this be what has taken so long, and led to their “no plans” comment?

That’s actually a curious thing: there has been talk that the system will only support one Wii U touchscreen controller, and Iwata says that it’s crucial one comes with the system. If that’s the case, then would there be much of a market for additional controllers? Something doesn’t quite add up…

Being an avid retro gamer and collector all I can say is YES! If this is indeed a true rumor, I will be getting a brand new copy for my collection. Of course since there is no chance that they would bring this to English speaking countries, we would have to wait for a translated ROM to actually play and understand it, but either way this could be huge news!

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