Meditation Can Make You Spiritual And Set You Up For Success

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist. Sleep position may be a contributing factor with this condition as well as repetitive stress from computer mouse clicking and similar activities. The compression of this median nerve in the wrist often causes numbness and pain in the hand.

The reasoning behind this is that you wish to give something of yourself in reiki healing treatment. So naturally, as a result of the universal law of every result has a cause, action where you cannot have an action without a reaction, the energy you give out must come back to you.

Consider the expression, “Kicked in the gut.” This description relates to experiencing an event which produces a feeling of weakness in the body. A number of years ago I was called to the phone for an emergency call. (This was well before cell phones.) I was informed that a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was standing at the time. My knees literally buckled beneath me and I had to catch myself or I would have fallen. I was “kicked in the gut” by the news. This affected the emotional center where fear is often located, the solar plexus or third chakra.

When you give someone the gift of healing practitioner – remember that less is more. A gentle look in the eyes can say so much more that hundreds of words. A conscious healing practitioner can slowly dissolve years of neglect and misunderstandings. A gentle stroke of the face can unleash feelings of long lost intimacy and companionship.

Many count on these gifted individuals to provide relief from any type of disease. These spiritual healers are said to have helped heart break, grief from the loss of a loved one, and even cancer. These are just a few of the myriad of ailments that have been healed by use of energy transfer. From time to time in our lives, we all need to heal from a crisis. A positive energy healing session can provide relief from pain, worry and reiki stress relief while it harmonizes our physical and spiritual beings.

How about your Prime Time PLUS- This is that combination of time when you are at your best and your customers/prospects can see you. For example if you are a morning person and a client/prospect wants a conference call in the morning- this is your Prime Time Plus. However if you are an afternoon person (your energy, creativity, imagination) peaks in the mid afternoon and you are not at your best in the early morning and a prospect wants a meeting in the morning this is not your Prime Time OR your Prime Time Plus. The key is to schedule critical sales activities during Prime Time Plus and non sales activities during you non Prime Time Plus.

The link between breath, life and the divine appears in both Eastern and Western spiritual texts. Modern science now recognizes the benefits of proper breathing. Learning to use the breath with awareness renews and strengthens body, mind and spirit.

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Meditation Can Make You Spiritual And Set You Up For Success

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